Need something to do in Pittsburgh? Interested in scenic Pittsburgh views? Are you hungry and looking for great restaurants in Pittsburgh? All of these things and more are what make Pittsburgh a diverse and interesting city to visit. Pittsburgh Beautiful is a collection of everything that we, the Pittsburghers, love about our city. Check here regularly for updates on shopping in Pittsburgh, things to do in Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh events. If you’re looking for the best Pittsburgh neighborhoods, look no further!  We’ll even throw in a couple of cool Pittsburgh stories for yinz!

7 Hidden Gems You’ve Probably Missed in Pittsburgh

If you’re tired of the same old places that everyone in the ‘burgh seems to frequent, we found some great hidden gems in Pittsburgh  that are perfect for when “your place” just won’t cut it. Who knows? One of these could become your new favorite! Gaucho Parrilla...

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Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of Collier Township

History of Collier Township Collier Township is in Allegheny County, west of the city of Pittsburgh. Some of the earliest settlers in the township were named Ken Hutton, Isaac Walker, Gabriel Walker and James Ewing. Ewing was born in Maryland and emigrated west in the...

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Joe Said it Would

Legendary WTAE meteorologist Joe DeNardo passed away June 15, 2018 of lung cancer at the age of 87. A Pittsburgh Original As a child of the ’90s, Joe DeNardo gave me quite a lot of snow days growing up. When the Blizzard of ’93 and Blizzard of ’96...

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Homewood Cemetery – A Historic Walk

Contributions By Erin Moio and All Photographs By Erin Moio Breathtaking, panoramic vistas typically do not come to mind when thinking about cemeteries, but then, Homewood Cemetery is more than a final resting place, it is an historic landmark with a unique mission...

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Can the Pirates Ever Be the Steelers… or Pens?

Organizational Chasms: A fault line runs through Pittsburgh sports and everything above that line, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers, seems to only become stronger with plate shifts while those below the line, the Pittsburgh Pirates, seem to crumble,...

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Phil Kessel… Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Image by Getty Images – The Sporting News Here’s a quick question, who had more regular season points last year, Sidney Crosby or Phil Kessel?   If you guessed Sid (as I would have)… you’d be wrong. Oh, well… Crosby must have missed time with...

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7 Pittsburgh “Villains”

Photo by Emmanuel Fine Art Photography They’re the ones you love to hate for one thing or another. Here are seven of Pittsburgh’s most despised villains. 1. Tom Wilson Wilson, who currently plays for the Washington Capitals, is frequently depicted on...

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Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of Crescent Township

A Brief History of Crescent Township The township of Crescent was created in 1855. It got its name because it was formed from a portion of Moon Township. The township has two unincorporated villages in the township—Glenwillard and Wireton. Crescent was founded back in...

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Do the Pirates have time?

Baseball is a long, long season, or, in Erinspeak, “A super-long season.” A day-in, day-out, 162-game gauntlet. The end result is that the best teams make the playoffs. The NFL’s parity-driven scheduling formula can push mediocre teams over the top – last...

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