West View

A borough in Allegheny County, West View is located just north of downtown Pittsburgh. As of 2010, the population was 6,771. The borough is very small, totaling only one square mile.

An integral part of West View’s history was West View Park. Pittsburgh native T.M. Harton bought the land in West View Valley when it was just a swamp. West View Park opened on May 23, 1906. The first rides at the park were a carousel, chute ride and roller coaster. There was also an open air dance hall, the largest dance hall in western PA at the time. There was also a Penny Arcade, pony rides and rowboats on a small lake. The park lasted until 1977 when other amusement parks began installing expensive rides and West View Park couldn’t compete.

West View Park is now a shopping center featuring a grocery store and other shops.  Route 19, or Perry Highway, through the main part of West View features many local restaurants, stores, craft shops and other local West View businesses, most notably, Isaly’s  – famous locally for their delicious chipped ham!


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